Every year, hairy caterpillars lay eggs on a tree, triadica sebifera, in my garden.
This year, unexpectedly many larvae were outbreak.
The sound of feeding leaves continued day and night, and at last, in September, they fed all the leaves that had grown thick and wealthy.
They hanged around for a while on the bald tree.
But soon after, they streamed down on the ground and began to look for food by scattering all over.
However, since their favorite triadica sebifera leaves has already gone, they died one after another.
After all of them were dead, the bald tree gradually started sprouting dozens of tiny buds.
Green leaves regenerated.  The revitalization was so wonderful.
But at the same time, it complicated my thoughts because I felt it was like same scenario of earth regeneration.
The new green leaves of triadica sebifera are trembling gently and proudly in a little cold breeze on November.
This is just a small story of autumn 2000 on the Earth.

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