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The Story of Rat Land

The year of 1999.... is there any relief for "Rats" rushing straight ahead to ruin?
An encircling network is being gradually narrowed.
The flow of time passing overhead cannot be held back.
Will is passed on by the birth of life.

Silence is a crime.
Look for words to speak.
The words of our own.

"Rats" appeared in 1995.
They are unmovable and limbless yet.
But they go on increasing.

The second-generation "Rats" appeared in 1997.
They had limbs then.
And the third generation appeared.

"Mother" was born as the concrete form of "desire" in 1997.
"Mother" as a maternal body increases her desire more and more.
The enlarged desire becomes immanent with the third-generation "Rats" being taken along.
There appeared those who "resisted desire", but they don't have the strength to hold back increasing "Rats".

There were also some among resistants who communicated secretly with "Rats".
The condition gets more serious.
They try to shut up "Rats" in a bag in vain.
They fall martyrs one after another.

The prophecy told by a messenger of time is false.
It aims to throw "Rats" into further confusion.
"Savers" have no measures to take.
Helpless "savers" are looking resignedly toward the way a flock of "Rats" are heading for. 

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